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Traditional history claims that the Knights Templar were given residence in the stables of King Solomon’s Temple by the King of Jerusalem. However, there is significant archeological evidence that the area thought to be the Temple of Solomon wasn’t that at all.

The Temp...

     By means of the papal bull Faciens Misericordiam issued August 8, 1308, Pope Clement V voided all of the French Inquisition’s previous investigations of the Order of Knights Templar. His apostolic commissioners were to start judicial proceedings against the Order...

The Knights Templar beside being a huge army and respectable force in medieval times had many castles throughout Europe and the Holy Land.

1. Holy Land-Middle East
Knights Templar Holdings Outremer (Holy Land) the Levant
Jerusalem- Of course the Templar Quarters under S...

The general council of Vienne was summoned by pope Clement V with the bull Regnans in caelis, which he had written on 12 August 1308 at Poitiers (the Roman pontiff had remained in France from the year of his election, thus beginning the period of the churc...

     The Bull Omne Datum Optimum, issued by Pope Innocent II in 1139 indicated the official approval of the Order by the Holy See. It granted many unique privileges and set some guidelines for the Order’s operations. This bull was soon followed by the bulls Milites Tem...

 The absence of correct archives prevents the exact establishment of the places and date of birth of Jacques de Molay. Nevertheless, indications found in the minutes of the lawsuit, in the archives of European kingdoms of that time, suggest that Jacques de Molay was b...

Pope Honorius II (9 February 1060 – 13 February 1130), born Lamberto Scannabecchi, was Pope from 21 December 1124 to his death in 1130.

Although from a humble background, his obvious intellect and outstanding abilities saw him promoted up through the ecclesiastical hier...

Rosslyn Chapel, more properly called Rosslyn Collegiate Church, lies in Lothian by the River Esk, eight miles south of Edinburgh on the edge of the village of Roslin.

The name Rosslyn is from the Gælic ross meaning a rocky promontory and lynn meaning a waterfall.

The chu...

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Investigation on the Templars Carried Out by the Fathers Commissioned by Pope Clement V in the Town of Chinon, Diocese of Tours - Translation of the...

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